Lets Champion Our Local Installers

Let's Champion Our Local Installers

Expert certification body and glazing’s largest Trade Association, Certass Ltd & Certass TA, wants glazing companies to get together and champion local installers who are the connection between the industry and the consumer.

Jason Clemmit, Managing Director at Certass explains: “This year, there has been a lot of bad industry press where skills and competency are concerned. Whilst we do have issues with a growing skills gap and an ageing workforce, we need to champion the local installers. They have proven, competent installation skills and are using them to deliver impressive installations to consumers.

“At Certass, we believe in real, sensible certification to ensure these great standards are delivered to homeowners. That’s done through our installer certification schemes and the Certass Skills Card.

“The Certass Skills Card has a set of requirements and everyone who holds one has completed a knowledge assessment, had their work observed onsite by one of our assessors and had a professional discussion about their work too. It’s called Minimal Technical Competence, but really, we should be calling it Mandatory Technical Competence, because nothing in our scheme is optional.

“The numbers speak for themselves for Certass members. Over the last 12 months, 99.92 percent of our audited jobs passed Building Regulation standards first time, proving that our installer standards really are top-notch and well ahead of those reported in some other known market schemes.

“So, that’s why we’re calling on the industry to champion and celebrate local installers who are doing a great job of installing window and doors for UK homeowners.”