Supply Chain Membership

Supply Chain Membership

Join the Glazing Industry's Largest Trade Association

Certass Trade Association Membership is open to everyone in the glazing industry supply chain.

Fabricators, component manufacturers and other suppliers who sign up to Certass TA receive all the benefits of installer membership, plus extra useful information and practical guidance to help their business.

Membership costs just £24.95 +VAT per month.

Supply Chain Membership Benefits

Fabricator, component manufacturer & supply chain members get exclusive  benefits including:
    • Monthly webinar with Certass TA Chairman Jon Vanstone
      • Understand upcoming position of government and regulation
      • Sharing of information from other committee members
      • Greater market understanding & unity
      • Consult with a body that is in a genuinely connected position with government to effectively lobby
      • Update on installing/fitting trends & behaviors
      • Information straight from governments Building Regulation committee
    • Use of Certass documents and guidance
      • Covid Secure Procedures Pack – method statement / remote selling guidance / safe surveying / customer health declarations / safe sign off
      • Sales & Guarantee template wording
  • Access to CTA membership forum on Facebook
    • Communicate & engage with our installer members
    • See Certass information being shared with fitters
    • Opportunity to do a ‘Forum Takeover’ and speak directly to our fitters to answer their questions/concerns
    • Professionally run & monitored forum – no spam, poor or offensive content


  • Genuine impartiality – we charge one membership price, so all members are treated equal
  • Access to information relating to consumer feedback on installer work 
  • Information on CTA website – a bio, photos and a link to your website & social media pages
  • Contribute content to our Monthly newsletter – sent out to 3,000+ fitters
  • No restriction to membership anywhere else – you can still be part of any other trade organisations you like
  • Access to Certass business essentials package – HR & Legal advice / Tax advice / Debt recovery / Health & Safety guidance
Join Certass TA as a Supply Chain Member – submit your details here and we’ll give you a call.


    Membership costs £24.95 +VAT per month.

    If you need more information, email Danelle – [email protected]