Waste Carrier Licence

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Have You Got Your Waste Carriers Licence?

In January 2014, the law for the carriage of waste changed in the UK. In short, if you transport waste of any kind, you are legally required to register as a waste carrier, even if it’s only in small quantities. If you fail to do so, you could be faced with fines of up to £5,000!

As part of our dedication to ensure workmanship quality in line with TrustMark standards, we have added the requirement for all our CQ-Assured scheme members to hold a Waste Carrier Licence. By including the licensing as a requirement, we are ensuring that we keep the highest levels of workmanship standards, giving your customers the utmost confidence when choosing you as their tradesperson.

The good news is it’s usually free to register for a Waste Carrier Licence online, you can apply for it here. If you transport waste that you produce yourself, there is no charge, however, there is an Upper Tier licence that does carry a small charge, you can see below for more details.

Why is the Waste Carrier Licence relevant?

Recently, there has been an influx of tradespeople being fined under this law as there has been a combined effort from the Environmental Agency and local authorities to enforce waste carrier regulations across the country.

We all know the damaging effects that waste can have on both the environment and human health if it’s not properly managed or disposed of, and the current regulations are in place to further protect the environment and discourage fly-tipping.

You may be under the assumption that licensing laws only apply for companies where waste carrying and disposal is the main focus of the business, but that’s not the case. It applies to all commercial vehicles who transport waste of any kind. So, if you’ve been on a job and have cleared up debris or have an empty silicone tube in the back of your van, you’ll need a licence.

What is a Waste Carrier Licence?

A Waste Carrier Licence applies to people and businesses who transport, dispose, buy or sell waste or arrange for others to do so on their behalf, basically covering any waste in a commercial vehicle. These regulations are developed by the Environmental Agency as an effort to reduce harm on the environment and health by ensuring that all businesses are authorised to transport waste and that it is disposed of properly.

Once you have registered for a licence, your application and information are made available to the public, so your customers will be able to double check that you have the correct licensing in place. If you are based in England and Wales, your details will appear in the Environmental Agency’s public register of waste carriers, brokers and dealers. For Scotland and Wales, you can find out more information on the public registers here.

Do I need a Waste Carrier Licence?

Put simply, yes! You must register if you transport waste of any kind, buy, sell and dispose of waste or even arrange for someone else to dispose of waste.

The regulations implemented in January 2014 state that if you carry waste as part of your normal business, whether it’s your own waste or someone else’s, you will need to have a Waste Carrier Licence.

The two tiers of the Waster Carrier Licence explained

Under the licence, there are two tiers of registration, depending on the type of waste that you have. If you carry any building or demolition waste, or empty silicone tubes, you are classed as an ‘Upper Tier’ carrier. If you have previously been exempt from carrying waste charges or you carry your own waste that you’ve produced (not including building and demolition materials) on a normal basis, you’re classed as a ‘Lower Tier’ carrier and you won’t appear on a public register. Both tiers demonstrate that regardless of the type of waste you carry, you need to be registered.

In England and Wales, under the Environmental Agency, if you are a Lower Tier carrier registration is usually free, and Upper Tier costs £154. However, these costs can vary between different agencies if you live in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Where can I register for a Waste Carrier Licence?

Registration is super easy, and you can do it all online. You can apply for a licence or renew as a waste carrier, broker or dealer here.

All you will need is the correct details that will be added to the public register, including names and dates of birth of your company executives, owners, directors or partners and details of any previous environmental offences if you have any.

At Certass, we’re committed to delivering the very best workmanship standards in our schemes, that’s why we have added the Waste Carrier Licence to our CQ-Assured scheme requirements.

If you need any more information or help with your registration, you can send an email to [email protected]